Happy or sad, you should decide…

Happy or sad,

You decide,

Your future is in your hands,

Your future is your design…


Imagine a happy life,

With joy and peace all over the world,

The earth is ours,

We should see it all…


Love, peace and understanding,

Hate, sadness, all in one,

The human is completed,

We should learn to leave it…


God made us,

Just like we are,

We try to change us,

I wonder why?


Stay like you are,

Be happy, pacient,

Love the one,

Love, peace and understanding is all we want…


Happy or sad,

You should decide,

The future is ours,

The future is now…


9 thoughts on “Happy or sad, you should decide…

  1. greeras says:

    Ne tot schimbam pentru ca daca vrem sa ne integram in lumea in care traim consideram ca trebuie sa ne si luam dupa cei din jurul nostru 😕

  2. lumi_ingerul_negru_07 just a girl says:

    e adv raw ceea c ai scris
    fiekre e liber sa aleaga ceea c considera k e bn q viatzsa lui 😉 ;);):X:X:*:*:*:*:*

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